During a recent Female Fusion Network Balance Breakfast meetup, I had the pleasure of sitting with Theresa Tsui, co-founder of Skills3.  We spoke about having a ‘Profit for Purpose’ business and the 4 cornerstones that make up my business, StapleStack – Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repurpose and brand PrelovedNation.

I believe that, to effect change, one cornerstone cannot exist without the other.  Together they work in perfect harmony to care for the environment and more importantly, the community we live in.   This was affirmed during our delightful talk. 

Recycling Repurposing Intertwined?

A key topic we touched on was how recycling and repurposing is intertwined.  Within Dubai there are many places to drop your recycling items.  But opportunities for recycling or repurposing can also be found all around our homes.  The instant coffee glass bottle becomes your next bottle to house spare spices.  The plastic water bottle becomes an art project for your kids. 

Recycling does not only mean you take your glass, plastic, metal, and paper to the recycling bins – to be processed into raw materials.  Recycling can also be short lived to serve a need or purpose.  In our home we recycle and repurpose daily – both in temporary and permanent nature.  And although views on recycling and repurposing varies from person to person, at the essence of recycling and repurposing there is simplicity and living mindfully.

Kibsons Boxes

One example of how recycling and repurposing is intertwined is our use of old Kibsons boxes.  You must love those boxes!  It’s sturdy and big and can be reused for so many things.  During lockdown in 2020, my daughter painted and decorated one for books.  It’s an artwork, and we love to display it in the house.  The box was repurposed, but also recycled. 

Then, we are using the boxes in our kitchen cupboards for all those Tupperware containers that never seem to stay tidy. My kids just drop it into the Kibsons boxes when clearing away the clean dishes (and Mama later sit and tidy it nicely).

Our latest Kibsons box make-over involves a rabbit, and my daughter came up with the idea.  She had a dilemma – she wanted her rabbit to free roam in the house.  But to do that, we had to put a few litter boxes around the house. 

I asked her to think how she can resolve her dilemma using what we have in the house. So, with the help of a cardboard cutter we transformed a Kibsons box into a litter box.  His hay holder clips nicely over the side of the box and Ginger loves sitting in it.  It serves the same purpose as a store-bought litter box and my daughter learned that she could recycle and repurpose at the same time.

Simplicity and mindful living at its best!

Do you recycle repurpose?

We’d love to see how you recycle repurpose.

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Another fun ‘green’ way we recycle repurpose is by creating terrariums out of unused glass bottles and self-watering planters out of discarded pots from the garden.  Our kids started it as a school entrepreneur project and it blossomed into a bigger vision to recycle and plant trees. They called it EcoState – A greener state of mind. Recycling with a greener purpose.  

If you are eager to recycle, participate in cleanup drives and opt-in for recycling pickups, visit EcoState and register your interest.

Be part of the Change Initiative!

Be blessed and stay safe. Until next time.